I’m a software engineer with a deep focus on software optimization and scalability. Worked for companies like JetBrains, PicsArt, AdValidation, CodinGame, RightScale etc…

I started my career as a backend software engineer in 2008. Then quickly moved to Web UI projects by making jQuery plugins and custom Wordpress and Drupal themes as an Upwork freelancer.

Proudly served to the army from 2010 to 2012 without any computer, that’s why I read more books during those 2 years than all in my life.

Then after the army, I started my professional career as a lead backend developer at IFC Markets, leading Forex trading company. I learned a lot there and saw how multi-country business operates, and how deep technological optimizations can bring real business value.

That’s why I focused myself on workflow optimizations.

I love riding a motorcycle especially for a long distance trips. One time I made a large motorcycle trip across Europe from Estonia to France Lion, it took 1.5 month and it was life changing event for me.

I alow skiing a lot during winter season, so as you can imagine, I riding a motorcycle when there is no snow, and skiing when it’s snowing :)