UPDATED! I submitted PR with the most important fixes and they accepted changes :) https://github.com/litecoin-project/litecoin.org/pull/10

I’ve started trading crypto about a year ago, and it was surprising to see how bad they are in website building. You kind of expect that modern tech companies, especially the most innovative ones, would have the best functional website, built with the latest technologies and without any issues. Let’s face the truth that nowadays we have a full guide on how to build a website in the right way and how to manage web content, including SEO titles/descriptions.

Without any specific intention of searching something, about a month ago I’ve checked LiteCoin Website (litecoin.org) with Hexometer Tools, and it turned out that the 4th largest cryptocurrency has basic website issues. I’m generally OK with it, but it seems very odd that they don’t care that match about online presence.

Yesterday I finally decided to get the list of top cryptocurrencies ordered by market cap and started to analyze their websites using the same Hexometer Tools. Let’s see how Litecoin failed in building a basic website.

Litecoin.org — surprising facts

**Domain Whois: **First of all, it is surprising that Litecoin.org domain name expires in 2 months :) I get it that they will renew when they will get a notification, but it’s funny that cryptocurrency with over $6Bln Market cap not buying their main domain name 5 or 10 years ahead

<a href="https://hexometer.com/domain-whois/litecoin.org">https://hexometer.com/domain-whois/litecoin.org</a> https://hexometer.com/domain-whois/litecoin.org

SSL Checker: Another surprising fact is that they don’t have a dedicated SSL certificate :) Litecoin.org is just using CloudFlare’s free shared certificate! Just imagine that top cryptocurrency company doesn’t care about dedicated SSL. They even have a lot of garbage websites sharing the same SSL certificate.

<a href="https://hexometer.com/ssl-certificate-checker/litecoin.org">https://hexometer.com/ssl-certificate-checker/litecoin.org</a> https://hexometer.com/ssl-certificate-checker/litecoin.org

**Broken Links: **After checking broken links for Litecoin.org I started to get a sense that they just don’t care about website quality because having only 74 links (including images, js, and CSS, they have 6 broken links with 404, 521, 523 errors. This is a very important fact because if they have that amount of broken links, they are even not looking on Google Webmaster console.

<a href="https://hexometer.com/broken-links/litecoin.org">https://hexometer.com/broken-links/litecoin.org</a> https://hexometer.com/broken-links/litecoin.org

**Website loading speed: **This is probably the best result out of all Hexometer tools because Litecoin.org actually loading within 3 seconds only with all scripts execution and content downloading. It is not bad considering how they failed on other things. However, after checking with the Technical Stack tool, it turns out that they are using a basic Hugo static website builder, which means that they are not using any CMS system behind, and all content with texts are built statically without consistent updates (if any).

<a href="https://hexometer.com/stack-checker/litecoin.org">https://hexometer.com/stack-checker/litecoin.org</a> https://hexometer.com/stack-checker/litecoin.org

Why this is bad?

Generally speaking, this is not changing a fact that Litecoin one of my favorite cryptocurrencies and I’m currently actively trading it. But it is really disappointing to see that innovative companies and communities which are reached about $6Bln market cap, not paying attention in basic details, which are the main important things when it comes to online presence.

Imagine if you don’t know anything about Litecoin and their blockchain environment, by just visiting their website and checking stuff with Hexometer tools, you will think that it is basically a scam, but of course, it is one of the large growing cryptos around.

I believe that any community-driven product or business should care about their online presence because that’s where other people getting information. Especially if you think about, that most of the information consumed comes from Search engines, you can imagine how bad is the ratings of the website like this!

I’ll continue scanning other currencies, and will make another report on that. Seems even the largest IT companies and communities not paying enough attention to that.

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