Nest.js cookie based JWT authentication

JWT Authentication is probably the best choice for making auth process now as we have many apps connecting to the same API endpoint. Let's see how cookies will help make things easier

Scaling Bitcoin Node with Kubernetes

Bitcoin Node used for handling BTC based blockchain API and overall wallet actions, scaling that with Kubernetes is a bit more work than a regular service. Let's discuss what we can do here...

Optimized Dockerfile for Node.js TypeScript project

Making optimized Docker image for an highly efficient workflows and faster builds

Stop installing DB locally use Docker for local development for MongoDB or PostgreSQL

It is very simple but you have to use a Docker containers. Meaning that for example to use a MongoDB locally you have to run MongoDB docker container, and guess what it is way easier than running MongoDB locally!

Ultimate Node.js + TypeScript API setup | Tigran in Tech

Node.js + TypeScript project setup for Express.js using typescrpt-rest and basic directory structure to handle more flexible project structure

Full production Django Docker configuration

At we love building DJango applications, and after having production servers built with Django, we believe that Docker is the best way.

5 Tips to improve your Wordpress blog reading experience

Broken links becoming one of the hardest problems for blogs which are making active posts and have a lot of traffic to it. Hexameter Broken Links auto repair will help you to overcome this.

My laptop independent workflow as a software engineer

Coding is not an easy process, especially if you have to be super focused to do it relatively fast and without bugs. Keeping the focus on coding only is quite a difficult challenge, but this story is

High-performance Node.js concurrency with native “events” package

High-performance Node.js concurrency with native “events” package

Gatsby.js saved 400$/month on our React SSR

Every React.js based website owner who cares about SEO should have a Server Side rendering setup around, which requires a lot of resources, even with some caching layer, sometimes it just blocks…

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